Wreck Diving at North Bay Island

Wreck Diving at North Bay Island

Now experience shipwrecks in the Andaman Islands. This tour is for travellers who are looking into an all together different experience in the Andaman Islands. The best part of this trip is that this ship wreck diving can be done by both swimmers and non swimmers.

This trip begins from North Bay Island at Port Blair. Firstly, you are given an initial training of 45 Minutes and later a short introductory dive around the coast of North Bay Island is performed. Post this short diving experience we board a boat to the ship wreck diving site. Here our diving instructors will help you to get into the waters. Once you get into the waters with our diving team we will swim our way to the submerged Ship wreck. This wreck is of a cargo ship that had come to islands and because of technical fault and engine failure it had drowned.

Today, this site has become a very interesting location for beginner divers . Schools of barracuda and GT can be found around this wreck and its a mesmerising experience altogether. A round table just by the wreck just looks amazing and is a picture perfect location underwater. This scuba diving experience is very different than any other beginner Scuba diving that happens in Port Blair and Havelock Island.

Note: Trip includes all diving kit, pictures, videos and guides.
Trip is subject to weather condition


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