Middle Andaman

Baratang island is located between Middle and South Andaman Islands. Approximately, 110 Kms from Port Blair, Baratang Island is another major attaraction for most of the tourist visiting the islands. What would you expect when you visit a tropical island? Dense Forest, Tribes, Mangroves, boats, beaches, birds, caves, trekking, volcanoes; Baratang has all of these to offer.

Journey to this Island is an adventurous one. Your trip starts early in the morning from Port Blair in a shard vehicle, usually a Government Operated tourist bus. The bus takes its route through the Andaman Grand Trunk road, which connects Port Blair to South, Middle and North Andaman. Soon you would leave the city behind and pass through scarcely populated areas. The jungle along both sides during your

Rangat is a 1070 sq. km. large island in Middle Andaman with pristine beaches, waterfalls, and interesting islands. The population is primarily made up of people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Fisheries and cultivation are the two primary occupations of people in this island. Entry into Rangat is by Bus from Port Blair and by ferries from Havelock, Neil and Long Island. Therefore, tourists have to enter Andamans through Port Blair and travel to Rangat by road or sea.

Morning bus services are available between Port Blair and Rangat. The travel time is about 6-7 hours. Road to Rangat from Port Blair passes through Jarawa reserves. The bus passes through the Andaman Grand Trunc road to reach Rangat. Sea and shipping services are available for 4-5 days in a week. The travel time is

Mayabunder is situated in the Northern part of Middle Andaman at a distance of 242 km by road and 130 kms by sea from Port Blair. Here, you may find people from Burma and East Pakistan settlements. For people trying to explore more about Andaman Islands and looking forward to avoid crowd during peak season this is a popular destination. You might not be able to find the best resorts as in Havelock or Port Blair, however, the virgin beaches and the mangrove rides would be a fantastic experience. The best attractions in Mayabunder are :

Karmatang Beach
a wonderful beach located at a distance of 12 km/7.5 m from Mayabunder. This beach, with crystal clear water and rich coral reserve is a turtle nesting ground and also has mangrove line creeks for nature lovers. If one is

Long island in Andaman is one of the most offbeat locations in the archipelago. This destination is not yet discovered by many who know about the Andaman Islands. Fairly because of many reasons. The foremost reason that we see is the remote locality of Long Island and poor connectivity of this destination. In addition, limited accommodation facilities are available on Long Island. Until 2017 this destination has decent popularity among foreign nationals. However, many Indian travelers don't plan Long island in their itinerary as a visit to Long island will require 10 or more days visit to Andaman. Now, in this article, we will address the how to reach Long island and what one can do on Long island.

How to Reach Long Island from Port Blair?

From Port Blair you can