How to Reach

For Domestic Visitors: Via Flight If you are travelling from other than Major city in India then you will have to reach major cities before arriving to the Capital. All commercial flights land in Port Blair Veer Savarkar Airport. Flight take approximatel 02:00 Hrs to reach Port Blair. Via Ships operated by Government of India from Chennai, Kolkata and Vizag. Please note that ships take atleast 3 Days to reach Port Blair. Ships from Kolkata takes a little more time. There are different classes in Ships. Various timing and Ship schedule can be checked in the government website at Andaman Ship Schedule. In addition, ship sailing take place once or twice a week and is not available every day. The ticket booking opens approximately 15 days prior departure. A form can be downloaded from the Government website and a booking request can be submitted. Hard copy of the tickets is a must ot board the vessel. Passport ? NO Passport is required for Indian Citizens. However, you will require permit if you are visiting Jolly Bouy Island, Redskin Island and Cinque Island. To visit Havelock, Neil and Baratang you do not require any permits. For International Visitors: For visiting Andaman Islands should have a valid visa and should get their restricted areas permits. Restricted area permit is provided right upon arrival in Port Blair airport. Counters for foreign travellers are present where you can visit. Valid Passport and visa is required to enter Andaman Islands. Please note that your visa should not be marked as Restricted area permits NOT ALLOWED. In such cases you need to contact your embassy. Best Time to visit Andaman Islands Andaman islands can be visited throughout the year. Best season : Between October to April. June and July its raining Again August and September is a good time to visit. In case you are visiting Andamans. . kindly note:
  • From May to August: Cruise such as Makruzz and Coastal Cruise may not operate. Green Ocean and Government Ferry will sail all throughout the year as these vessels were specifically build to handle any kind of weather conditions.

  • Not one day enough to travel from Havelock to Port Blair to take your return Flight. Try to Move to Havelock/Neil on the day of arrival and later return back to visit other Port Blair attractions.