Cruise Transfers

One among the most preferred way to travel to different islands. Fast connectivity and more organised way of travelling provides customers a good experience. The cruises take almost 90 minutes to reach Havelock Island from Port Blair and vice versa. From Neil(another island in Andaman archipelago),the cruises take around 60 Minutes to reach Havelock Island. 3 different classes such as Premium, Deluxe and Royal exists in these cruises. The classes name may vary based upon the cruise, however in general there are 3 categories in each. The oldest among the cruise is Makruzz, then Coastal Cruise (Acquired By Makruzz) and the latest arrival in this fleet is Green Ocean. Recently, in the year 2016 Makruzz Gold has also arrived which mainly runs in the sector of Port Blair and Havelock Island

These cruise operates in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island only. The daily frequency of these cruises is high in region from Port Blair to Havelock and Havelock to Port Blair. The frequency reduces in region from Port Blair to Neil, Neil to Havelock, Havelock to Neil and Neil to Port Blair. During peak season you may expect the cruises to double its sail in the islands. One thing to note here is that in June, July and August these cruises does not operate.

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