Baratang island is located between Middle and South Andaman Islands. Approximately, 110 Kms from Port Blair, Baratang Island is another major attaraction for most of the tourist visiting the islands. What would you expect when you visit a tropical island? Dense Forest, Tribes, Mangroves, boats, beaches, birds, caves, trekking, volcanoes; Baratang has all of these to offer.

Journey to this Island is an adventurous one. Your trip starts early in the morning from Port Blair in a shard vehicle, usually a Government Operated tourist bus. The bus takes its route through the Andaman Grand Trunk road, which connects Port Blair to South, Middle and North Andaman. Soon you would leave the city behind and pass through scarcely populated areas. The jungle along both sides during your travel would be a treat to watch. On your way you would pass through Jirkatang, couple of decade ago people feared to stay or pass through these places because of attacks by the native tribes who usually used to come to these places in search of food. Until recently, government has made efforts to help and protect these tribes after which the attacks on people staying or passing through these places were reduced. After reaching Jirkatang, the bus would take a pit stop for some refreshment and a couple of security personnel would board the bus for safetly of both travelers and tribes. You would now pass through the Jarawa Tribe reserve, the reserve controlled and operated by government for protection of the Jarawas against diseases from which they do not have natural immunity. The government also provides medical aid to these indigenous tribes.

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